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The Chambers builds its practice on the best traditions of the Russian legal profession and the state-of-the-art jurisprudence.

An integral part of our philosophy is law and morality, as well as servicing both the public and the person. For us, a trustee’s application is not just a request, but a social order. Because of that, there are neither small nor uninteresting cases for our law firm. Our lawyers provide Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals with all kinds of professional legal help in various areas of Russian law. The vast hands-on multidisciplinary experience gained by lawyers of the Chambers enables them to render legal support to entities engaged in the economy, sciences, education, health care, the construction industry, foreign economic and investment activities, as well as to address many of everyday life issues of the general public.

Well-coordinated team of lawyers works in two law offices conveniently located in the center of Moscow. Advocates Chambers 15-year working experience has shown that even the most demanding client rests satisfied with talking to our counsels and lawyers because their professionalism and large practical experience, as well as their improved-over-the-time procedural law skills, help find right solutions to very complicated, at times seemingly hopeless situations. In fact, a correct and timely given legal advice sometimes relieves the client of a very heavy psychological load.

We hope that once you turn to us, you will join our list of regular clients and enjoy friendly spirits of our care, actual help and well-timed advices.

9 Miusskaya square, Moscow 125047, Russia
Metro station: «Novoslobodskaya» or «Mendeleyevskaya»,
E-mail: 5433955@inbox.ru
tel. + 7 (495) 543-3955